Stitch A Work Of Art!

My counted cross stitch charts are highly detailed, I use up to but never over 100 colors. You will never find duplicated symbols or even similar symbols to confuse you. I hand select them in each design. I have charts for everyone, From Animals of all kinds, Horses, cows, dogs, cats, chickens, deer, birds, butterflies, farm animals. I have flowers and landscapes, scenery, marine life like dolphins, fish, turtles as well as fantasy creatures like unicorns, Pegasus, faeries, dragons and automobiles and motorcycles, trains, planes, wildlife critters like squirrels, chipmunks, bears. I have holiday charts and western, rodeo, native american, and so much more.  
I have been designing since 1995 . I have teamed up with some Amazing Artist's from around the world. Yep, Award Winning Artists have given me permission to chart their art. So feel good knowing when you buy a chart from me.. it is Legal, there is no copyright infringement and you are helping support an Artist. :)
My prices may seem cheap and they are compared to most, but the Quality is there, I want you to be able to afford the charts and they will stitch up beautifully and frame worthy.

I make custom patterns as well. One of a kind just for you. Stunning stitched family portraits, or that favorite car or that beloved family pet. Any image charted just for you.

Thanks for visiting my shop. Look around, find one, or two or a few that jumps out at you and stitch a work of art.

XX Happy Stitching XX
-Missy @ crossstitch4everyone

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